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Lokal Stories - A Sustainable Travel Series

Lokal Stories is a branded documentary style travel series hosted by veteran filmmaker and social entrepreneur Marco Bollinger. The series invites an eclectic group of activist influencers to guest star on epic, culturally immersive eco-adventures, to explore how we can all play a role in building a better, more connected world through our travels. From the deep immersion of community tourism, to actively witnessing the social and environmental issues facing humanity, every episode explores beautiful culture, fragile ecosystems, and visions of a better world from the perspective of its local people and their way of life. The series is produced in partnership with Lokal Travel a sustianable travel companythat makes it easy and safe to book culturally immersive experiences around the world.

Safe Zone - Fatima's Journey

SAFE ZONE is a documentary film series about the resilience of girls caught in the chaos of the Syrian refugee crisis. Each story follows a refugee girl dealing with trauma to illustrate the empowering nature of education, the healing power of music and art, and compassionate bond of friendship, as they struggle with the complicated reality of a young refugee woman.

SAFE ZONE Episode 1 – Fatima recounts her experiences escaping the war having lived through unspeakable trauma. She is coming of age as a talented singer in her refugee camp choir and openly shares her everyday life in a camp. Her PTSD is strong enough that she wakes up screaming at night, yet she has managed to channel her emotions into her passion for music. (Film completed, 9 min)

Safe Zone - Potato Girls

SAFE ZONE Episode 2 – Khadija, a 10 year old Syrian refugee, battles life threatening diabetes brought on by chronic PTSD from her experience during Syria’s civil war. Despite her illness, Khadija and her best friend Rana, work full time in Lebanon’s potato fields to feed their families, whilst encouraging each other to attend school after their 8 hour shifts. According to UNICEF there are now 200,000 Syrian child laborers in Lebanon, many of whom have never been to school. (Film completed, 10 min)

2.5% - The Osa Peninsula

Costa Rica’s Osa Peninsula,the most biologically intense place on Earth faces tourism development that threatens to destroy it, and only its local communities can save it. code